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Quotes Mark did a very good job on the dvd. very informative. good video and he explains very well what and why hes doing what hes doing. he goes from measuring to tooling to finishing and all areas are present. He explains well on the tools hes using. Im in an area where hands on information is very slim to none so to see someone elses work and how they do it gives me ideas an know how to improve on what I already do. thank you mark job well done cant wait for more dvds. the leatherworld always needs more good informational teaching tools. Quotes

Quotes Mark I am going to type up a more detailed thread but for right now I will offer my thoughts and the pros and cons. 1. the detail is great mark goes the extra mile in every step wonderful, I have made a half dozen chinks and I learned a lot of good tricks and reinforced other ways as well. 2. the filming is good and you can see all the things you should see unlike other chap making videos. 3. the tooling part was a added goodie Mark I love you're tooling you are sound with all your techniques ( I would love to have a tooling contest how ever I would lose) 4. and finally his patterns are top of the line and very strait forward. 5 stars thank you Mark. God Willing! Josh Dusty Chap Leather Quotes

Quotes I got my DVD today! Here?s my unsolicited review. Maybe unwanted too! Well worth the money. Pretty detailed in parts. Not adventure movie quality, sort of like taking a college level class. Patterns are good. I'd give it an 'A' in grade. Much more detailed than the other persons DVD on chap making that I have purchased. If you do it again, I'd ask for a few more things though. I'd like to have a copy of the sizing check off list you show. I'd like to see the finished chaps on the person they were made for so I could eyeball the fit. I'd like to see a fitting demo with a real person wearing the chaps and moving around. So all in all, I liked the DVD and I highly recommend this DVD!! Joel Edwards Quotes

Quotes Mark, Just received my DVD's and watched them right away ! I have to compliment you on everything. The detailed explanation, to the quality of the filming. I have made a couple of batwing style chaps, but not any chinks. I saw you do some things that I really liked, and learned some new ways of doing things. They were well worth the money, thanks Fred Quotes